Covid-19 measures

No chance for the virus!

    Last updated on  16.02.2020

The Unique Hotel Eden will open for the winter season of 20/21 at the 18th of December.

All rules of the Swiss Health Ministry will be strictly followed. We have introduced additional measures for the protection of our guests and staff.

  • External guests have to sign up at the reception when entering the hotel.

  • A limited number of guests will be allowed inside the elevator.

  • Door knobs as well as light switches are being disinfected regularly.

  • The rooms are being disinfected and aired regularly. Furthermore, after each departure the rooms are being thoroughly disinfected.

  • There are disinfectant dispensers usable for guests.

  • Rules of social distancing (1.5 meters) are to be followed.

  • The breakfast hall is adapted to the current situation.


Should questions or thoughts arise, please don't hesitate contacting us. Comments and ideas are always welcome!

Tel.+41 81 830 81 00      E-Mail: hotel@eden.swiss